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October 2006

London, Ontario
Lecture: "Gender Inclusive Game Design:
One hour keynote presentation on the topic of gender inclusive design.



August 2006

Indianapolis, Wisconsin
Lecture: "What if the player is female?"

One hour lecture for the paper game industry. This lecture is a variation on my normal gender inclusive design talk, only it is slanted toward the paper game industry and talks more about things like conflict resolution and response to error rather than how to get women into the industry.


July 2006

ACC Summer Institute
Lunch keynote
Lecture: Gender Inclusive Design: Expanding your Audience

One hour lecture based on my book with prinicples applied to attracting students to a program.


June 2006
Sex in Video Games Conference
Lecture: Gender Inclusive Game Design and the "M" rated Game

One hour lecture based on my book, but with principles applied to developing adult titles. WARNING: Some adult content in this presentation.



March 2006
Game Developers Conference
Panel: Diversity - a Reachable Goal

This very brief talk was my part in a general diversity panel. The high points were what steps you can take right now to increase diversity in your workplace



March 2006
South X Southwest Interactive Festival
Lecture: Gender Inclusive Design, What it is and why we need it

This was a brief talk in which I layed out the vicious cycle of women don't play games so women don't make games so women aren't interested in games so women play games...etc. I talked about what causes each point and how we can break the cycle.



July 2005
Austin Community College - Game Development
Summer Lecture Series
Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market

One hour lecture based on my book, Gender Inclusive Game Design: Expanding the Market





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